The Texas Veterans Museum, Inc.

Preserving American History - In Texas!

A new type of Museum has been proposed for Houston, Texas.  It is a Museum based on American Military History but focused on the Veterans that made our history real.    


The Texas Veterans Museum, Inc. (TVM) was founded in 2018 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created as an endowment for veterans’ programs.   The first purpose of the TVM is the planning, design, and development of a self-sustaining veterans museum.   The result is planned to be a one of a kind museum that will take visitors, domestic and international, on a tour of American Military History starting from the beginning of the Revolutionary War and ending in current time.  With its true to history static and innovative, interactive displays, this technologically advanced museum known as the American Veterans Museum (AVM) (DBA of The Texas Veterans Museum, Inc)  will take visitors on an evolutionary journey that will reinforce their understanding and appreciation of the sacrifices made by our military veterans to make the United States of America the greatest nation on Earth.   

The American Veterans Museum is destined to change the way all museums are planned and constructed in the future.   This website is designed to give you an understanding of what this effort means to Greater Houston Area, Southeast Texas, and the entire State of Texas.  As the only Independent Republic to ever enter the Union of States, Texas is a standout among its peers; the Texas Veterans Museum, Inc. intends to widen the gap.   

The planned opening of the American Veterans Museum is July 4, 2026; the 250th Birthday of the United States of America.   We cannot make this happen without you.

Please take a few minutes and work your way through our website.   It is our intention to show you the value of this magnificent effort, our  mission, and who is leading the charge to ensure we have a powerful launch and successful landing.   Above all, we want you to understand how you can help us make it all a reality.  

On behalf of he Board of Directors, Officers, and Committees of the Texas Veterans Museum, Inc. and its DBA, The American Veterans Museum - WELCOME - we cannot succeed without you.